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Love Shop Share ft. Erin Maxwell
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Love Shop Share ft. Erin Maxwell

Love Shop Share ft. Erin Maxwell

Love Shop Share is a fashion and lifestyle blog created by Erin Maxwell focusing on minimalist lifestyle combined with a chic styling philosophy. We met up with Erin and collaborated with her late last year. She fell in love with a pair of Tom Ford sunnies which she said complemented her delicate but elegant style.

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Erin started Love Shop Share back in 2011 as a creative way to express her personal style and inspire others through photography and minimalist designs. Her Instagram is just flowing with beautiful photos of black and white photography coupled with splashes of colour.

As a Mum, her two (recently three!!!) little ones like to steal the spotlight once in a while.

When the bae picks her own outfit and accessories and be like ‘I got this’ 👌😎

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Erin is based in Melbourne but works with a mix of both Australian and international designers. Her style is a source of inspiration to us (and to her 60K+ Instagram followers) and if you would like to see the rest of her work, hop on over to her site Love Shop Share for more!

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