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Australian Designer Eyewear

Australian Designer Eyewear

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Just in time for Australia Day, Vision Direct is now offering three new Australian Designer Eyewear labels, Ksubi ,  Mako & Oroton. We have prepared a little preview of each of these brands and a little bit about their history. Keep on reading to find out about these great new Australian brands that are making waves all over the world.


Ksubi is better known for their denim, fashion & accessory. They pride themselves on “individuality and authenticity and … remaining uninfluenced by consumer trends.” This is a company that chooses its own styles and in affect creates some trends of its own. Check out their entire collection of optical and sunglasses to see if they are the right accessory for you as well.


Oroton has been around for 75 years, as long as other international mainstays like Ray-Ban! They are high fashion, but yet still on the more affordable end. At the beginning Oroton was a makeup and beauty company but they have since moved on to accessories, including very stylish eyewear. The company has a reputation for contemporary elegance as exemplified by their metallic mesh purses and other accessories. So for your own pair of chic simplicity, make sure you check out the full collection.


Mako eyewear made its mark by offering quality polarized eyewear for the marine market. For all those of you who love to get wet with your eyewear,  you know that there is no harsher environment to put your sunnies to the test. Mako uses “High Definition lens technology and titanium memory metals” which basically means these glasses are designed to keep your eyes safe from the sun and take all the abuse you can throw at them. 



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