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Meet Angela: Creator of Sunday Chapter, a Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
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Meet Angela: Creator of Sunday Chapter, a Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Meet Angela: Creator of Sunday Chapter, a Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Sunday Chapter: a Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Angela, the creator of lifestyle and fashion blog Sunday Chapter, is from the beautiful sunny Melbourne, Australia. Angela started Sunday Chapter in 2014 as a hobby, but little did she know that it was going to grow into a successful business. Sunday Chapter is a way for her to express her creativity, and share her adventurous life. She loves to travel and has visited many destinations all over the world while capturing stunning photographs for her viewers.

We caught up with Angela to ask her about her time management tips, must-haves, and favourite places for travel.

A Chat with Angela

How do you balance your job, blogging, social media, travelling, and everything else in your life?

I live by Google calendar and time block every second of my day. I’m annoyingly OCD about it too, but if I don’t know what I’m doing and for how long, things just fall apart. My days are always crazy busy, so I need structure otherwise I’ll end up distracted, which leads to procrastinating & then feeling overwhelmed with everything I have left to do. Time blocking is amazing for your productivity too!

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

This is so hard! I don’t really have one person I look up to for style since mine can go from one end of the spectrum to another. I am inspired by a lot of other bloggers; Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mirsalehi and Alexandra Pereira are a few of my favourites.

In your Instagram photos, you often post outfit photos where you look glam and chic. But what is your go to lazy day outfit?

I actually find myself wearing active wear most days. Leggings, a cropped jumper, and an oversized pair of sunglasses like the Celine Shadows to hide behind instead of a full face of makeup!

We often see inspirational or life quotes sprinkled through your blog posts and Instagram photos. What is your favourite quote?

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Daily reminder. 💭

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Angela reminds us that it’s okay to not have it all figured out.

What is one accessory that you cannot live without?

My Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses! They travel with me everywhere. I think everyone needs to invest in at least one pair of classic sunglasses that will never go out of style. They turn a nothing-outfit into something pulled together and effortlessly cool.

Get Angela’s must-have Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses here.


As a fashion blog, you always give your readers helpful style tips. What fashion advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Invest in good quality basics. I used to struggle a lot with what to wear and I’ve realised it all came down to not owning enough basics. Sure, they can be boring to buy (especially at 18 when I’d prefer to invest in a cute night-out dress I’d wear once), but in the end they’re a key wardrobe essential.


We know that you make travelling a priority. We won’t ask you to pick a favourite place, but which travel destination would you recommend everyone to visit?

Santorini. It really is such a beautiful island that I think everyone needs to see in their lifetime! Photos just don’t do it justice.


Do you have any exciting travel plans for summer 2017?

I’ll be spending the summer traveling Europe and uncovering a few hidden gems that I’ve had on my radar for the longest time.

To keep up with Angela’s adventures in Europe, check out her lifestyle and fashion blog, Sunday Chapter, here and emulate her chic style with a pair of shades at Vision Direct.


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