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Top Trends From The Tennis
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Top Trends From The Tennis

Top Trends From The Tennis

Inspired by the hottest trends seen at the hottest tennis tournament, check out our suggestions below.

The temperature may be dropping here in Oz, but no doubt it’s still warm enough to sit in the sun and gather round the Telly for some quality sport spectating. With the competition having come to an end, this year most definitely didn’t disappoint. Along with another fortnight of people, insects and tennis balls flying around your screen, came another fortnight of a cool and classy crowd ready to watch the world’s top players battle it out.

Speaking of cool and classy spectators, Wimbledon has now also become an event rich with style inspiration. The smart dress code is relaxed enough for people to consider their comfort too. This always leaves a gap in the net (sorry),  for some sublime style to be seen. An essential element to any smart/causal look, though, is the eyewear. Inspired by the hottest trends of this year’s tournament, we have come up with 5 pairs of sunglasses for him and 5 for her.


Frames for him:

1. Number one on our list, are the Carrera 6008 100/DJ sunglasses, similar to those sported by James Middleton in one of the earlier matches. These chic shades come in a few colours, these ones being classic dark tortoiseshell, perfectly complimented with green lenses that add a fun pop. These sunglasses are also a classic example of the athleisure trend, which makes casual sportswear smart. The durable acetate and metal frames also offer a comfortable fit extra durability, and the slightly sporty, thin arms offer maximum comfort and an athletic edge. However, these elements are balanced out by the classic round shape and wire bridge, which brings the shades back towards sophistication. Our top style tip: pair these sunnies with neutral colours like cream, white and brown- let the lenses add the edge.


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2. Our second pair of sumptuous shades are the very modern Spy Cyrus sunglasses in Black, Grey and Green. These sunglasses come in a wide range of colour combinations, but with the classic black frames and cool green lenses, you can pair these with pretty much any outfit and look like a fashion guru doing it. One sure standout feature are the trademark Spy Happy Lenses, which block out the harmful UV rays, but allow healthy, long-wave blue light in. These sunglasses are no doubt a top investment due to their unique technology. However, they are also durable and adaptable. Our top style tip: the only thing to avoid are pastel colours, as the contrast will be too harsh.


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3. Lucky number three: the Ray-BanRB3016 Clubmaster Fleck 1160. The name is quite a mouthful, but the shades themselves are the definition of subtlety and understated sharpness. A favourite of known tennis fans such as Benedict Cumberbatch, these sunglasses are always an ace option. Like the previous pairs, these frames come in a multitude of colours but we chose the spotted light brown Havana frames with brown lenses. The paler, cooler hues leave a light impression on the face and are therefore perfect for someone who wishes to look current, but with little effort. The classic shape with the metal details leaves these sunglasses on the slightly smarter side, however they will still look great on both court side and the seaside. Our top style tip: wear these with a more minimalist look, and allow the details to do the work.


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4. Number 4 on our list for him tips the scale towards the sportier side. Here are the very current Diesel DL0164 02B, a fashionable aviator shape, that gives a nod to the hardware trend for sunnies this season and are also similar to those worn by tennis fanatic Bradley Cooper in the early stages of the tournament. At the cheapest price on the market, they come in black with subdued blue lenses, making them both affordable and adaptable. The frames are made from hardy metal, but the narrowness retains their lighter weight, making them very comfortable no matter the weather. Our top style tip: combine these sunnies with a fitted suit, t-shirt and white trainers for the ultimate smart/casual look.


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5. Last but not certainly not least, number 5 on our list are the silver G-Star Raw GS109S 045 frames. Small, round sunglasses like these have been popular at the tournament this year, being worn by the likes of Jude Law and Charles Dance. These sunnies soften the harsh lines in angular faces and leave plenty of room to catch some rays! They will be sure to last you, and the neutral metallic colours allow them to be worn with anything. Our top style tip: wear some colour and make it loud.


At only $124 these sunglasses are most definitely a winner, so what are you waiting for? Shop them now.

Frames for her:

1. Inspired by one of Sienna Miller’s looks this year, the opening pair shades from our women’s suggestions are the Guess GU 7525 sunglasses with colour code 82Z (pink). These statement shades are an over sized, butterfly frame. If you’re looking to make jaws drop, then these sunglasses are for you. They are made from transparent, durable acetate, ensuring that they will last. If you’re worried that these sunnies might be too loud, the paler pink hues retain a perfect level of daintiness. This makes them a sophisticated ode to the 90’s coloured lenses trend that has been donned this year by all in the know. Our top style tip: pair these shades with a dress and platform trainers.

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2. Moving onto a much more understated look: the Marc Jacobs MMJ 460/S 990/VK sunglasses. MIC star Ollie Proudlock and his chic court side companion have inspired this choice. The Aviator frame is very fashionable this season, but can sometimes look a bit too casual. However, with these guys, the rounder lenses and black crystal colour keeps the class and makes them wearable whenever. The frames are made of ultra-light, impact-resistant acetate, so they are ideal for the fashion-forward wearer wanting comfort. Our top style tip: keep it simple with French Navy or Beige and stock up on the bling to bring out the classic metal pins on the hinges.


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3. Another pair of sunglasses that fall perfectly between trendy and classy are the Quay Australia QM-000307 sunglasses in gold. These splendid sunnies come in a few colours, but gold is perfect for a wearer who wishes to show a more refined side. The slight, slimmer metallic frames are a classic feature. This feature is fitting for the thicker, rectangular lenses and makes the sunnies simultaneously up to the minute and urbane. Our top style tip: make your look all about the textures to bring out the shine in these sunglasses.


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4. A bit less bold than the Spy Cyrus sunglasses, the Carrera 5002 B7V/JI come in many colours, but a classic black frame always looks good. Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham have already been seen sporting this look this year. With a stamp of approval from these fashion icons, you know you’re  making the right choice. The lenses are made of hardy poly-carbonate that offers maximum UV protection, making them perfect for any outdoor activity. The square shape is a classic statement look that also caters perfectly for all face shapes, but especially rounder faces. If you’re looking for the ultimate versatile Vogue look, then these are the sunnies for you. Our top style tip: pair these shades with a floral skater dress for an effortless, and always fashionable look.


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5. Final round, final pair of sunnies, so we had to include a pair from the tournament’s clothing sponsor. We have selected these stunning Ralph Lauren RA5204 144213. These sunnies come in a few colours, however the brown ones offer a less ‘standard’ alternative to black frames. The classic cat-eye shape is perfect for any activity: sleeping (when you’re not meant to be), skiing, surfing, hanging etc. These sunglasses ooze elegance and the delicate, but durable acetate from which these sunnies are made will make them last. Our top style tip: pair them with a dainty white or cream dress for a modish look that’s fit for any event.


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