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Bloggers We Love: Meet Our Faves Here!
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Bloggers We Love: Meet Our Faves Here!

Bloggers We Love: Meet Our Faves Here!

You may recognize some of these bloggers from our ‘Top Bloggers of the year’ edition(s). But where you’re even more likely to see their work is on their blogs or social media. As fashion influencers, in addition to being sartorial trailblazers, these bloggers are everything we aspire to be in terms of fashion and general elegance. Read on to learn more about our #BloggersWeLove team at SmartBuyGlasses!

1. Angela Giakas | The Sunday Chapter

“I think everyone needs to invest in at least one pair of classic sunglasses that will never go out of style. They turn a nothing-outfit into something pulled together and effortlessly cool.”


2. Rachel Holliday | The Daily Luxe

 “I try to constantly remind myself that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’.”


3. Jess Dempsey | What Would Karl Do

 “I love sunglasses and I always go for classic luxe brands such as Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana and Celine.”


4. Vanessa Roberts | Breakfast With Audrey

“The leading digital destination for Australian women who appreciate classy living and the best things in life.”


5. Scott & Frank | Man of Many

“We are a team of creative minded, gear enthusiasts with a passion for style, design and all things cool.”


If you’re looking to get featured on our blog, simply send us an email at influencers@smartbuyglasses.com.

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