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High-Performance Sunnies for Sports Enthusiasts
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High-Performance Sunnies for Sports Enthusiasts

High-Performance Sunnies for Sports Enthusiasts

‘Tis the season to be sportive! That’s right, it’s officially summer, down under, and time for you to #shadeyourself with a brand new pair of sunnies. You’ve probably ordered that ‘revolutionary’ Tanning Oil off Instagram already and replaced all the junk food in the house with leafy substitutes in the quest for your best summer body… but how much thought have you given to readying your eyes??

As the days grow brighter and longer, so does the gathering of summer sport enthusiasts. Now while you’re certainly spoiled for choice with the endless offer of surfboards, jet-ski gear and wet suits, it’s a bit harder finding the perfect pair of summer goggles to protect and support you in your training. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 5 best high-performance sunglasses, so you don’t have to!

1. Nike TOUR EV0744 044
Ideal for light-intensive situations on land and water. These polarized sunglasses offer a visible light transmission of 15% and Flash Mirror Coating. Adjustable nose pads keep the frames secure on your face and a Ventilated Nose Bridge improves comfort and prevents the lenses from fogging.

Price: $186


2. Gargoyles Wrath Polarized 10700217.QTM
These frames are the epitome of durability and resilience. Crafted from high-grade plastic, the tinted lenses held in a pale purple frame are the perfect accessory to make you stand out and stay safe in the sun. Follow the link below to grab these at a 30% discount!

Price: $208


3. Wiley X Rebel Polarized ACREB07
This pair of Polarized sunglasses are made from high-grade plastic and polished with a Polycarbonate coating. This makes them supremely scratch-resistant and ideal for rough sporting activities. You can find them below also at 30% off.

Price: $197


4. Rodenstock R1256 D
Sleek, light-weight and functional; the winning formula for the ultra high-performance sunglasses! Made from metal with polarized lenses, this model was designed to help bring forth your A-game, both in fashion and sport. For the moment, they’re also available at 30% off so hurry and finish reading so you can follow the link below.

Price: $225


5. Gatorz MAGNUM Polarized MAGBLK03P-G
Calling all adrenaline-junkies! These shades are bold and oh so daring, with a classic 4-rivet system to make sure they don’t fly off your face no matter how extreme your adventure dream. Crafted from metal, the frames are light-weight and come in a mind boggling array of solid colours as well.

Price: $249

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