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What to Wear to a Fashion Show

What to Wear to a Fashion Show

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street style fashion weekAs Australian fashion insiders are gearing up for the long awaited Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney this month, amateur fashion lovers going to their first fashion show ever, are hitting high levels of anxiety as they try to figure out what to wear to this amazing event without playing it too safe, or going a little bit too far.

They have reason to be anxious, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney promises to be an unforgettable event, featuring the most prominent names in Australian fashion, as is the case of Camilla and Marc, Alex Perry, Christopher Esber, Ellery, Collette Dinnigan, Bec & Bridge, Kirrily Johnston, and many, many more.  The event will feature the Spring/Summer lines for both local and international designers as well as retailers. One of the most hyped up acts in the event will be the Kardashian Kollection, which will hold their very first runway show at Sydney’s Town Hall. So we will probably be able to spot the Kardashian’s sisters as they attend the first runway show for their ready-to-wear line.

street style fashion weekIn summary, it will be a pretty fancy event, so here at Vision Direct we decided we would lend a helping hand to our dear first-time-attending-a-fashion-show-fashionistas in figuring out what to wear to a fashion show. Here are a few tips:

  1. Casual is the way to go. This doesn’t mean you should go wearing jean shorts or anything like that, but you should definitely go for a put-together yet not too dressy look. Leave the big gowns to the models in the runway, and go for something that communicates your personal style, and doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.
  2. Do not go broke on this. Huge celebrities don’t even know what to do with their piles of money, so they choose to spend thousands of dollars on their outfits; but hey, you don’t have to. Choose something that shows your amazing style, but that can be worn again.
  3. If there was a time for high-heels, this is it. We know how painful high-heels can be, but you do not want to go to a fashion show wearing flats. First of all, you don’t want to be lost in the crowd while standing beside super tall models. Do not worry about your feet; you will be sitting most of the time anyway. Besides, they can complain later. This is the time to wear those gorgeous pumps you never get the chance to wear.
  4. Check, check, and then re-check. If you’re wearing any kind of dress, makes sure it fits correctly and that it doesn’t offer random peek-a-boos. Also, if you are wearing light-colored fabric, make sure that it doesn’t become see-through under some lights. Even if you are not famous, these events are filled with street-style photogs and press in general, and you don’t want to be on their “what not to wear list”. So as the saying goes, “check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”
  5. Don’t be like Anna Wintour. You know we live for sunglasses, but unless you’re the boss lady from Vogue, you don’t need to hide your facial expressions inside a dark tent. Wear them outside as you arrive if it’s sunny, but otherwise, put them away! You want to remember this in full-color.
  6. Bring your fashion sidekick. If you’re new to the scene, you want to have somebody by your side to discuss the collections, the people, outfits, and anything that’s going on around you!
  7. Do not forget the bag. First of all, never bring a fake one to a fashion show. Actually, you should never buy anything fake. But make sure you bring a trendy bag filled with fashion show necessities: camera, lipstick, smartphone, and space for freebies!
  8. Keep it PG. You know what I mean, keep it classy ladies.
  9. Statement pieces are a DO. A nice necklace or unique earrings can make all the difference in an outfit. Go for something bold that fits your style, and you’ll be stealing all the stares.
  10. Have fun! Is good to keep all this advice in mind, but really, just be you, go have fun, and enjoy the moment!

Hope these tips were helpful!

The Mercedes-Benz Fashions Festival will be held from August 21-24 at Sydney’s Town Hall.

Are you going to attend? Let us know in the comments!

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