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Sunglasses Worn On Stage Summer 2016

Sunglasses Worn On Stage Summer 2016

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Music is Style

This Summer, we have seen so many tours and festivals all around the world. From Tomorrowland to Lollapalooza, from Ibiza to San Francisco, this summer has certainly been an exciting one for music lovers, and it’s not even over yet! Music artists have also always been focal points for fashion and style, and this is evident with their sunglasses. This summer, we have seen a huge variety of styles on stage, and us at VisionDirect have taken our pick of some of the best styles we have seen!


Image from @mistercap


For a number of years now, Hardwell has been one of the top DJ’s in the world. The Dutch musician has released hits such as SallyYoung Again, and Birds Fly. Not only is he an extremely talented composer, but he also has a great sense of style. Hardwell has always had a preference for thick, black, rectangular frames, similar to the Marc Jacobs MMJ’s and the Ray-Ban Justin’s, and often wears them while performing.


Images from @hardwell

This summer, he has been performing back and forth from Europe and America, performing countless times in popular summer destinations such as Ibiza, Mallorca and Las Vegas. He has also performed at major music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Ultra Europe.

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have become household names in modern American society, with their friendship (and love for marijuana) extending to the point where they are now touring around America and Canada together performing their collaborations.sunglasses-summer-2016-music

Images from: @mistercap

Snoop and Wiz both have incredible senses of style, with both looking incredibly cool on their High Road tour. Snoop has generally always worn a certain shape of sunglasses: rectangular. A rectangular shape certainly makes him appear more awesome and rich, as these frames are usually synonymous with the rich and famous. Some styles similar to the model Snoop wears on stage on tour include the Oakley Fives Squared’s and the Maui Jim Red Sand’s. Wiz on the other hand has had numerous styles over the years, but on this tour he has generally worn rounded  gold frames out on stage, with either metallic or dark lenses.

Paris Hilton

In addition to all the modelling, advertising, business venturing, socialising and TV appearances she does, Paris Hilton DJ’s every Saturday during the summer at her Foam and Diamonds Party in the famous Amnesia Club, Ibiza. The global superstar’s has always had an inspiring sense of style that ranges from casual chic to outrageously eyecatching, and that is no different with her eyewear too.


Images from: @parishilton

Paris is always spotted wearing different sunglasses, but at her Foams and Diamond’s parties this summer so far, she has particularly liked putting on her round sunnies, similar to the Ray-Ban Round Metal’s and the Oxydo OX’s.

Jess Glynne


Image from: Mirror.co.uk

British pop sensation Jess Glynne made a spectacular performance at her home nations biggest music festival, Glastonbury, this summer. After cancelling the year before due to having surgery, Jess was able to turn up this year and give a great performance. Like several other artists, Jess loves to wear round sunnies when on stage, particularly her round double bridged reflective sunglasses, which she wore at Glastonbury.

Robin Schulz


Images from: @robin__schulz

German house producer Robin Schulz has been performing at large music festivals and at clubs all around the world over the course of the year, including Tomorrowland Brazil and Belgium, and will be starting his tour around Europe (particularly in Ibiza) later this month. Robin Schulz is a big fan of Rectangular and Wayfarer shades, nearly always wearing sunglasses while performing in clubs and events. Some glasses that are in Robin’s style include Ray-Ban Justin’s and Carerra 5002’s.

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