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VisionDirect’s Top Glasses Picks – 2015 Edition
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VisionDirect’s Top Glasses Picks – 2015 Edition

VisionDirect’s Top Glasses Picks – 2015 Edition

The right pair of glasses is a real must-have today and picking the right pair is as important as choosing the right coat for winter or the right bag for everyday use. Here, we round up the IT glasses which have been trending in a big way in 2015.


Carrera 5022 Interchangeable Glasses

There are few people who would deny that Carrera is one of the coolest eyewear brands on the planet so when they come up with a new design, we take note. Cue the Carrera 5022 Interchangeable model. The selling point of these glasses is in the name. Yes with the Interchangeable model, you really can change the frames with a range of classic colours and some more interesting prints like the Roy Lichtenstein inspired version.

Image credit: princessilver



Image credit: Carrera


Fendi ‘Iridia’ Sunglasses

These jaw dropping, eclectic pair of sunglasses feature mirrored, round lenses, cat eye accents and jewel encrusted detailing. Anyone whose style is worth noting has been spotted in these shades this year. Join them.

Image credit: Pinterest


Dolce & Gabbana Majolica Glasses

As far as brands go, this Italian heavyweight is to fashion what Apple is to computer manufacturing. They are simply one of the most sought after, elegant and classy brands – always evoking a luxurious and old glamour feel. The Majolica sunglasses have been making big waves this year and you’ll definitely stand out as a lady with impeccable taste.




Image credit: yomister

Ray-Ban® Distressed Glasses

If like us you’re a fan of vintage style or,  you always end up scratching your glasses, then this model may be for you. The Ray-Ban Distressed Collection is a new twist on the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator® and Ray-Ban Wayfarer® models. Intentional scratches give that worn in feel and used look from day one.


Image credit: Twitter


Persol ‘Cellor’ Sunglasses/Eyeglasses

Persol is definitely having a reinvention right now – just take a look at their ‘Cellor’ glasses collection for further proof. These glasses are a great example of how the brand is able to update classic pieces in the most unexpected way. The name behind this collection is inspired by the distinctive combination of frame materials – both cellulose and gold metal have been used. We’ve spotted the sunglasses model on a whole host of celebs but we must admit that we have soft spot for the eyeglasses version.



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Image credit: Persol

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