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VisionDirect Christmas Gift Buying Guide 2015
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VisionDirect Christmas Gift Buying Guide 2015

VisionDirect Christmas Gift Buying Guide 2015

Christmas is fast approaching and with that, the shopping mayhem that accompanies December. Luckily for you the VisionDirect Christmas Gift Guide 2015 has everyone covered. We have the best ideas whether you are shopping for a gift for your mum, your dad, your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Join us as we show you our top picks and help you make sure you don’t get caught out this year!


BF north and south

He’s your new guy but your relationship is not set in stone yet: you like him, he likes you. With Christmas just over a week way, the wrong gift could take your relationship in the right or wrong direction – an over the top gift might come across as desperate and a small gift might make you look not bothered.  Why not strike a balance and get him a super cool pair of glasses? Our top three include: the Carrera 5022 Interchangeable glasses (interchangeable frames will allow him to switch up his look), the Tom Ford FT5254 (a great way to channel his inner geek) or the Carrera CA6622 (perfect for keeping a cool look when the sun’s rays do make an appearance).



GF south



A Celine bag, lush lipgloss, some cute earrings, Chanel nail polish, funky flip flops: just a few of the ways to please the lady in your life (and spoil them if you’ve been failing on boyfriend/husband duties) this Christmas. If none of those are up your alley, then why not take your pick from these sunglasses. First up the Ray-Ban® RB 3447 Round Metal sunglasses. Inspired by 60s style, your girlfriend will up her cool like a peace sign. The Carrera 5022 Interchangeable are a unisex model and we think they’d also be a great gift for your lucky lady. Last on our list are the Spektre Audacia – mirrored lenses, hip brand, round frames… need we say more?





MUM south




Wondering how to make your mum feel special? We have some suggestions on how to make sure your mum feels loved this Christmas. The Dolce & Gabbana DG4234 are a particularly stylish model and finer details include a beautiful floral print on the inner temple pieces. The Celine 41805 New Audrey sunglasses are an updated version of the much coveted Celine Audrey sunglasses and they are guaranteed to make sure your mum stand out (in a good way of course!). For those of you with fashion forward mothers, the Balenciaga BA5042/BA5043 models feature shiny black, rectangular frames with just a hint of cat eye.



DAD south



Dad are always tricky to buy gifts for. After all how many shaving kits or hats can you buy them? Why not try the Tom Ford FT0237 SNOWDON sunglasses, better known as THE shades Daniel Craig sported in the James Bond – Spektre. Equally polished and Dad appropriate are the Tom-Ford FT0337 model which is super popular amongst celebrities, not that your Dad will care but you get the point – they’re great! If your old man is a glasses wearer, the Tom Ford  T5254 are a great way to inject some sleek into his look.

And voila – gift ideas sorted. Check out our site for more inspiration and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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