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VisionDirect’s Top Fashion Bloggers of 2016
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VisionDirect’s Top Fashion Bloggers of 2016

VisionDirect’s Top Fashion Bloggers of 2016

2016 has been a proverbial year for our top fashion bloggers. At VisionDirect, we’re always on the lookout for new and original influencers- people who often use their social media platforms as a guide to creating trendy fashion content for their followers. And for this reason, we are particularly inspired by these bloggers, some of whom we’ve had the chance to collaborate with, while others are simply the ultimate fashionistas that we couldn’t resist mentioning. Join us as we share our favourite fashion bloggers of 2016.

Jenelle Witty (Inspiring Wit)

First on our list is Jenelle, the modern high-flyer blogger who we absolutely love. She is stylish, dedicated and smart. Not only does her blog inspire wit, but it also inspires the confidence that we all need to get up and do something with our wardrobes for the year ahead.


Image credit: inspiringwit.com

Kortney Gruenwald (The Modern Jet setter)

Next on our list is jet setter Kortney Gruenwald, who make us all want to travel, or perhaps even hide in her designer bag as she whisks away to some extravagant destination. We love her timeless sense of style- think a modern day Audrey Hepburn with a tinge of Chelsea Clinton. If you’re a jet setter woman planning to travel in style, then this is the blogger for you!


Image credit: themodernjetsetter.com

Karen Cheng

Top blogger Karen Cheng transports us into her life of fashion and style this year. Her blog features affordable fashion items for your wardrobe as well as some tips on how to fulfil your daily life as a woman of style. Her quirks and personal life story make her the perfect blogger for 2016.


Image credit: karencheng.com.au

Victoria and Elaina (The Freedom Travellers)

Globetrotters Victoria and Elaina live by the motto ‘work less, travel more’, and we at vision direct would love to do just that. Living vicariously through these two ladies, is something that we imagine most of their followers tend to do. If you’re up for an exciting new adventure with your friend or partner, then these are the ladies to guide you to your sweet escape.


Jess Dempsey (What Would Karl Do)

Our final crush of the year goes to Jess, our super heroine we imagine flying over Melbourne in a bright, tweed Chanel cape. From mum and baby duties to fashion week events- she does it all. We love that she is sophisticated and homely. A visionary, multi-tasking mother of two with a superb sense of style. What would Karl think? Well, we’re guessing  he would agree with everything we’ve just mentioned, most notably, the latter.

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Image credit: whatwouldkarldo.com

We are absolutely thrilled that we can end 2016 on an inspiring note. A recommendation for the year ahead would definitely be to add these bloggers on to your blog roll. They are the social influencers that you can turn to when you’re in need of an exciting change in your life and even in your wardrobe.

What do you think of our Top Fashion Bloggers of 2016?

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