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Top Trends for 2016: Glasses
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Top Trends for 2016: Glasses

Top Trends for 2016: Glasses

A new year means new trends. The days when glasses and specs were considered geeky are now a faint memory of the past. Glasses have become a staple fashion accessory and trend-setters all over the world are now wearing glasses daily – whether they really need to see 20-20 or not. Here are the top trends to look out for in 2016!

Two-toned Glasses

Two-toned or two-coloured frames really made a big entrance in 2015. Although classic black frames are always a great go-to, colourful frames like these are super fun and unique. There are so many colour combinations to choose from, which means more exciting looks to try! Hanh from Hanhabelle lifestyle blog does a pretty sweet job of showing you how to rock a pair.

Two toned - Hanh


Two toned Versace glasses

Glasses: Versace


Two toned Tom Ford glasses

Glasses: Tom Ford

Big Square Frames

If you want to keep it fresh and edgy, you can always go for some big square frames. It’s very convenient to have a pair of glasses like these to throw on when you’re presenting your quarter budget, meeting your girl/boyfriend’s parents, or just chillaxing at home – because no matter what, glasses like these will just make you look smarter, more mature and kind of like you know what you are doing. Win!

Big Square frames


Glasses: Tom Ford

Metal Frames

Metal glasses are back! Get your Harry Potter look on with some round specs with metal frames. Kendall is seriously looking like the female version of HP here. But for real, metal has made a big comeback within the last year and we can only expect this new trend to grow in 2016.

Metal frames kendall



Glasses: Ray-Ban


Glasses: Thom Browne

Wooden Frames

Sustainable, eco-friendly and fun – wooden glasses are becoming some of the coolest, newest fashion pieces to style, they are guaranteed to be one of the top trends in the coming year. Woodys Barcelona is famous for their wide variety of wooden eyepieces and they come in tons of exciting colours and shapes. They are also great to have at the beach or around water because they float.

Wooden frames Chelsea Gilligan

Wood glasses Woodys Barcelona

Glasses: Woodys

Wood frames Woodys Barcelona

Glasses: Woodys


Black Round Frames

Last but not least, classic black round glasses are a staple fashion piece that will be around for years to come. They are hip, sophisticated and show that you have a keen eye for style.

Black round frames

Round black Ray-Ban glasses

Glasses: Ray-Ban



Glasses: Carrera

Do you like the look of our top trends? You can check out more popular looks at VisionDirect, the world’s leading online eyewear retailer. We wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that these fashion tips will indeed help you conquer 2016 in confidence and style!

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