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5 Tips – Beach Sunglasses
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5 Tips – Beach Sunglasses

5 Tips – Beach Sunglasses

So you’ve been looking forward to hitting the beach through all of the chilly, rainy winter months. Choosing a fabulous bathing suit is probably number one on your list, closely followed by sunglasses and it’s no wonder why…a great pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate your look. The trick of course, is knowing how to choose the right pair. Keep in mind these handy tips and you are guaranteed to be making waves when you hit the beach.



Bright Colours

What better time to be adventurous with colour than when lounging on the beach on a hot summer’s day. There’s no shortage of vibrant, colourful sunglasses and mirrored sunnies such as the Ray-Ban® Clubmaster ®  Flash model, are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour to your beach look.



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Nose Pads

Shades making you sweat? Well… you’ll be happy to know that separate nose pads (i.e. those which aren’t molded directly onto the frames) enable air passage and help you stay fresh.


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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare from reflective surfaces so if you’re at the beach, they are an ideal choice for eliminating light bouncing from the water or sand and enhancing colour contrasts. Check out these chic Celine ‘Audrey’ sunglasses. Aside from adding a dash of cool to your look, they also come with polarized lenses.





Big Lenses

Big lenses cover a greater area so they are more effective in preventing light entering around the sides of your sunglasses. A bonus is that oversized lenses are of course very fashionable! They have been spotted on stylish celebrities including Beyoncé and Cheryl Cole and these Gucci® round oversized sunglasses for example, are a fabulous way to style up your look AND keep the sun’s rays from your eyes.

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Folding Sunglasses

Many major eyewear brands have released their own version of foldable glasses such as these Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarers. So just how do these impressive foldable sunglasses work? Well, the magic happens via a small hinge on the bridge of the frame and the middle of the temple pieces. Once folded, your sunglasses can be safely stored and have a distinct advantage over their fixed frame counterparts as they can fit nicely into a beach bag or pocket. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, going for a run or just want a break from wearing your sunnies, foldable glasses can discreetly travel with you.

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