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Tinted Reading Glasses
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Tinted Reading Glasses

Tinted Reading Glasses

Find yourself in need of tinted reading glasses? Then Vision Direct Australia is the right place for you! We are aware of how hard it is to find quality information on how to pick or simply order a pair of tinted reading glasses. Thankfully, our site offers many options of lens tints to meet all your needs!

When on our site, just choose whatever frame you prefer, and click “Buy with Prescription Lenses”.

Purchase Process

After that, you should customize your lenses depending on your own prescription. After adding your lenses graduation info, you can proceed to customize your lenses package! In this section there are many options for customization, including adding tint to your lenses!

It’s as easy as that! We have many tint options depending on your needs. You should ask your eye doctor about this. For example, a brown tint should help to enhance the light quality around you. A rose or reddish tint will give you better lowlight image resolution and will enhance contrast. Read more about tinted lenses here.

The best thing is that because we have so many frame options, there are no limits! You could even get a different pair for whatever specific need you have in different lenses tint.

You can check out our extensive collection, at Vision Direct Australia.

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