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The best tennis sunglasses

The best tennis sunglasses

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Tennis sunglasses

You might think differently, but the truth is that even on the tennis court you may find yourself in need of sunglasses. If the sun’s out, you want to make sure you know where that ball’s going to land, and aiming blindly can only badly affect your performance.

To help you out, we’ve made a list of some sunglasses we recommend. If you’re reading this, we assume you’re more than an occasional player and you’ll be actively using these. What you want is a pair of sunglasses that will better your gameplay: something lightweight, excellent at preventing glare. Top brands for this are Rudy Project, Adidas, Nike and Maui Jim.

1. Nike Show X2 Pro: These sunglasses are tailor-made for sports, so you shouldn’t fear they will fly off your face midway through a game. Nike’s technology allows for an adjustable ventilated nose, and reduced fogging.

2. Rudy Project Magster: Rudy Project is internationally renowned for its multi-sports sunglasses. These are the perfect choice if you’re not just a tennis aficionado, but also need a pair for cycling, or hiking purposes.

3. Adidas The Shield: This model is the best choice for those looking for a sleek, futuristic design, as can be seen by the rimless shape.

4. Maui Jim Stingray: More so than any of the other sunglasses on this list, Maui Jim is also perfect to wear off the court. The sunglasses are a favorite of tennis players, as is evidenced the fact that Mardy Fish, Gaël Monfils, and Roger Rasheed have functioned as brand ambassadors for Maui Jim in the past. The rose lens will help wonders on the court.

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