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The best ski goggles for 2013

The best ski goggles for 2013

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Going out in the snow is no joke, so it is imperative to find the best ski goggles before heading out to the slopes. You not only want the best quality possible, because you don´t want to get hurt  for not being able to see clearly what´s coming up ahead; you also want to have a pair of ski goggles that will  distinguish yourself from the crowd. Buying from the local ski shop is a mistake if you´re looking to stand out, which is why why we have chosen our favorite ski goggles styles for this season.

Ski goggles for 2013

  1.  Electric EG2 EG0512703: Oversized ski goggles are all the rage now, and this Electric model gives you an extensive range of vision to help you out there on the snow. It comes with a new feature called Eye Black, engineered to significantly reduce reflections and glare from the sun and snow.
  2. Spy Trevor: This pair of ski goggles is the perfect combination of retro inspired design and top notch optical technology, to give you the best vision on the snow. It is helmet compatible and comes with dual strap adjustment.
  3. Zeal Optics Slate 10341: The Slate is one sleek pick; it has a very modern design that is extremely eye-catching. It comes with anti-fog technology on its lenses which provides it with a flawless range of vision.
  4. Adidas A133 Yodai 6302: The Yodai is a fancy pair of ski goggles. It comes with revolutionary spherical Vision Advantage lenses, made of polycarbonate that are sure to give you flawless vision with unrestricted peripheral and lateral range.

If you´re still looking for the best ski goggles in the market, make sure to check out our extensive ski goggles and sports sunglasses collection at VisionDirect Australia.

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