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Sunglasses For Narrow Faces

Sunglasses For Narrow Faces

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Finding the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape can throw up all sorts of challenges, especially if you’ve been blessed with a narrow face. Some sunglasses will make you look like a bug, others can make your proportions just look strange. It’s important to pick a pair of sunglasses that can really help to make you look stylish and well proportioned. We’ve put together a few tips and suggestions below to help those with narrow faces make the right decision when it comes to picking sunglasses.

Sunglasses for Thin Faces

Do keep frames around 130mm across the front. Anything that measures around 130mm from one side to the other will flatter a narrow face and won’t make your head look too small.

Don’t pick frames that make your head look out of proportion. Any frames that stretch past the edge of your face may make your head look a lot smaller.

Do try an interesting frame shape. Square and cat-eye shapes are a perfect choice for equaling out the size of your face.

Don’t pick a frame that’s too small. With frames that are too small they could throw your face shape off balance.

Celebrities with narrow faces

Take inspiration from celebrities with narrow faces to see how they get their sunglasses looking perfect

Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker has always been one to make her own trends and here she’s no different rocking a pair of unusually shaped sunglasses.

Maggie Q

Maggie Q Sunglasses

Leading lady Maggie Q keeps it simple in a pair of Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses. The shape is flattering on a narrow head, especially as the frames don’t extend past the side of the face. Ray-Ban have an awesome selection of sunglasses in Asian Fit as well.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler Tom Ford Sunglasses

Renowned beauty Liv Tyler keeps it chic in a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. The interesting shape keeps her face in proportion as well as giving great protection.

Best Sunglasses For Narrow Faces

Ray Ban Meteor Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Meteor Sunglasses

Tom Ford Rock Sunglasses

Tom Ford Rock Sunglasses

Carrera 6000 Sunglasses

Carrera 6000 Sunglasses


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