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Steampunk Sunglasses and Glasses
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Steampunk Sunglasses and Glasses

Steampunk Sunglasses and Glasses

What is Steampunk?

The Steampunk trend is something that has managed to stay stuck firmly between the subculture and the mainstream. It’s a word that many people will be familiar with but perhaps not many people are sure what it is. So let me break it down. It is a lifestyle trend that involves re-imagining the past with modern technology powered by steam. Get that? No? Ok. Basically it’s like Sherlock Holmes solving his crimes with a steam powered iPhone or riding around London on a mechanical segway. It’s Victorian meets the modern day. Yes, it sounds super random but the trend has managed to spawn a pretty decent community that has thrived since the late 1980’s. Now Steampunk has its own music, fashion and lifestyle.


Steampunk Fashion

A major part of the entire Steampunk trend is the fashion. The fashion is quite simply real-world imaginings of clothing described in the many Steampunk novels. This has then been taken further by the many followers of the lifestyle. Essentially the rule is that anything that gives off a Victorian feel can be classed as steampunk, for guys and girls. The key to ensuring that the look screams steampunk and not vintage is to accessorize correctly. The easiest way to add in that steampunk edge is through eyewear and other accessories.

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Sunglasses, glasses and goggles are an effective way to give your look a steampunk edge. Frame shapes tend to stick to rounded and they typically feature additional elements like blinkers or side shields. Plus the frames tend to be made out of metal or other unusual looking materials.  It’s no surprise then that many brands now feature items that would fit perfectly into the steampunk wardrobe in their collections, given its increasing popularity. A lot of fashion inspiration tends to be drawn from subcultures, so it’s only fitting that avant garde designers like Thom Browne and eyewear maverick Matsuda have referenced the trend in their designs. Shopping this trend doesn’t limit your choice of designers either, with the likes of Dita and even Armani featuring the trend. Head over to the VisionDirect website to check out a whole range of steampunk ready frames.

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