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Ski Goggles – The Best Of This Season
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Ski Goggles – The Best Of This Season

Ski Goggles – The Best Of This Season

Does your mind become boggled when thinking of which ski goggles to buy? Whether you’re a newbie or a pro-skier, there’s a lot of choice and it can be difficult to decide which ones to buy. Join us as we take a look at the top ski goggles of this season.



Cebe Teleporter Junior

Shop now $32

Why waste time trying to switch lenses when you can have goggles for your kids which can react to different conditions automatically? Available in a white frame and yellow lenses, these goggles are great for maintaining visual acuity in a range of weather conditions.


Bolle MOJO 20571

Shop now $43

These superb anti-fog goggles come with handy vents on the side to stop your goggles steaming up. We’re also particularly fond of the logo stitched adjustable straps.


Smith RIOT

These top-notch goggles feature an acetate frame and tough, high-grade Polycarbonate lenses which means they can withstand even the harshest of blizzards. Perfect if you are a frequent ski goer and like to switch up your style. This pair usually ships within 3-4 weeks so hurry and order your pair well in advance. Free shipping and 100-day returns is included.

Shop now $132


Dirty Dog Stampede Kids

Our top choice for playful and stylish goggles for the little ones is this model! Dirty Dog Stampede is definitely a lot more trendy than some of the garish models on the market for kids. They’re also a unisex style and are also available in black so they are equally suited for both boys and girls.


Shop now $60

Oakley Prizm Canopy

These goggles are one of the most popular models of the brand and when we look at the technical specs, it’s easy to see why. Prizm™ lenses have been engineered to help you perform over a wider range of lighting conditions, reducing the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change. These goggles are ready to ship on the same day. Grab yours before they run out!

Shop now $204.80


If you’d like to see more, check out our full collection of ski goggles at VisionDirectAU.

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