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Shop the Sunglasses Trends

Shop the Sunglasses Trends

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Summer is fast approaching and I for one can’t wait until it finally arrives and I can spend the summer on the beach (or most likely, the office). In my want and will for summer to hurry the hell up and get here, I’m researching all the trends that are hitting our eyes this season. Much like clothes trends, eyewear trends are hugely changeable and are often set-out by the big players in the industry.

How far you take each trend is up to you. It’s easy to reference the style with a subtle nod to the colour or the shape or you can really go all out and pick a pair that screams ‘look at me’. Either way, the trends that we’re lusting after this season are Mirrored, Bold, Retro, Round and Cat-Eye. Take a sneak below or head over to the VisionDirect Trend section to view the hottest picks for this season.


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