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Running Sunglasses: Sprint, Jog or Walk in Style
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Running Sunglasses: Sprint, Jog or Walk in Style

Running Sunglasses: Sprint, Jog or Walk in Style

It’s never too late to dust off the running shoes, go outside and put in a few miles for the week. Before you set off on your trail don’t forget to grab a pair of sports eyewear that will up your performance. It’s important to always protect your eyes from sun rays especially when running long distances outside. Take a look at our guide on what to look for when ordering a pair and our favorite picks from the best brands on the market. Don’t forget to view the full list of running glasses on our website.


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Whether the running route is an urban jungle or a rugged terrain VisionDirect has a pair that will bring the most out of your workout. Durability plays a major role in design when crafting a pair of athletic shades. It is important to search for running eyewear that is made with secure grips meant to stay on during heavy movement. Our team at VisionDirect searches for brands that only use the best materials to optimize flexibility and stability in performance delivery. Take for example the trusted and loved brand Julbo and their model Julbo BIVOUAK  with the wraparound frame style the glasses are made for heavy impact. Try the Julbo STONY  or for the same effect.

Julbo BIVOUAK J383 322 sports eyewear Julbo STONY J459 3114 sports eyewear Oakley OX8027 Crosslink 802702 running sunglassesPolarization

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While outside enjoying the sunshine don’t forget to shield your eyes from all of the natural elements working against you. UV rays are a serious concern for runners and can have long lasting effects such as cataract and even blindness. Instead up your fitness game and throw on a pair of shades with lenses that will provide maximum polarization protection. You’ll even notice an improvement in your step, stop covering your eyes as you run and do yourself a favor with high tech lenses designed to maximize function and comfort while staying out of your workout. Try out leading sportswear brand Nike and the Nike SKYLON ACE  model which gives you great UV protection in addition to tinted yellow lenses. Our other favorites include the Oakley OO9102 HOLBOOK and the Maui-Jim Wiki Wiki .

Nike SKYLON ACE EV0525 073 G sports eyewearOakley OO9102 Holblook Polarized 910251  Maui-Jim-Wiki-Wiki-B246-171Ventilation

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Those who are not new to wearing running glasses know that foggy lenses can be the most frustrating and common problem with wearing a pair during a workout. There is nothing worse than having poor ventilation be the cause of a bad run. Search for lenses like the Bolle Ransom  , Nike Excellerate-EV0742 and the Nike 6037-045 that tilts outward for a fog proof workout. Additionally, runners won’t have to deal with bugs flying into their eyes mid stride, the glasses act as a shield against insects of all kinds.

Bolle Bolle RANSOM 11696 sports eyewearNike EXCELLERATE EV0742 538 sports eyewear Nike 6037 045Style

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Runners research heavily the types of equipment needed to improve their workouts and above all choose their shoes selectively so why not their eyewear? VisionDirect makes it easy to shop with so many different styles to choose from. Not only do the glasses provide function but they also look great on. Some great stylish options include the Bolle GRACE 11650 for women and the Oakley OO9013 FROGSKINS  for men.

 Bolle GRACE 11650 running sunglasses Nike_POISE_EV0741_205 Oakley OO9013 FROGSKINS 24 325


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