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Rio 2016: The Must See Events
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Rio 2016: The Must See Events

Rio 2016: The Must See Events

The Olympic Games

In one week, the largest sporting event in the world will be held in the magnificent country of Brazil. Held every four years, the summer Olympic Games is an event that every person around the world cannot miss. From the lighting of the torch to the closing ceremony, this year’s Summer Olympics should be packed with excitement and unpredictability. With 42 sports, 306 events and over 200 medals to be won in the span of 19 days, the Olympic Games will definitely be the standout sporting moments of 2016. Many of the athletes participating in events will have been training and preparing their whole lives for this event, and performing in the Olympic Games will be the highlight of their careers.

The biggest see sports and events

Men’s Sprinting

Image from Time

The 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay events have been dominated by one man in recent times – Usain Bolt. The Jamaican sprinter is looking to make it a “triple triple” in Brazil, 3 more gold medals in his 3rd Olympic games. Men’s sprinting is always expected to be immensely exciting. The anticipation before the race is always intense, before 10 seconds of electrifying excitement.

Football (Soccer)

The most popular sport in the world, football is one of the most anticipated sports to watch this Olympic Games. Although the men’s tournament is an Under-23 tournament (with 3 overaged players permitted per team), the sport is still one of the must-see sports this summer. The world will eagerly watch whether massive favourites Brazil will be able to win their first ever footballing Olympic gold medal with home advantage, with the star of the tournament, Neymar, opting not to participate in Brazil’s Copa America campaign earlier this summer to properly rest and prepare for Olympic glory.

For Women’s football, it is more competitive, with the USA, Brazil and Germany all boasting strong teams before the tournament. Australia could be a possible dark horse in the tournament, and hopefully the Matilda’s will go a long way in Brazil!


Image from swimmingworldmagazine

One of the most popular sports in the Olympics, swimming has always been an enjoyable watch. The women’s division will be headlined by US swimmer Missy Franklin, who made her Olympic debut by winning 4 gold medals in London 2012 at age 17. In the men’s division, Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, will be coming out of retirement and competing in his fifth Olympic games to try and add to his already enormous tally of 22 Olympic medals. It will not be easy for both American stars however, with swimmers such as Chad Le Clos, who defeated Phelps in the 100m butterfly 4 years earlier in London, not far behind. The hopes of Australia are pinned on the shoulders of sisters Cate and Bronte Campbell as well as Cam McEvoy, who are all expected to do well in the games.

Rugby Sevens

Image from the ABC

The newest sport to be included in the games, Australia have a real chance of winning gold for both men’s and women’s. Australia’s women’s team just claimed the World Series 2015-16, and look a formidable force ready to bag a gold this Olympic Games.

Cycling Track

Image from The Daily Telegraph

Anna Meares will look to add to her impressive 6 Olympic medals in Brazil this year. Australia’s flagbearer going into the games, Anna has Australia’s expectations on her shoulders as she enters her fourth and final Olympics. The intensity and strategy needed in track cycling make this event a must see.

When to Watch

The opening ceremony will begin broadcasting at 7am AEST on August 6th. Women’s football kicking the sporting events off even before the opening ceremony on August 3rd. The closing ceremony will be on August 21st, starting at 8am AEST.

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