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Power Dress Your Way to Success
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Power Dress Your Way to Success

Power Dress Your Way to Success

Power Dress your Eyes

What you wear to work can sometimes be as important as the job itself. We’re only human, and according to psychologists, there’s a term known as rapid cognition which means we unconsciously decide what we think of another person within seconds of meeting them. Power dressing is a simple and conscious way to make others understand you mean business in the workplace without being aggressive. Bold colours, tailored garments and statement jewellery are all ways professionalism and authority can be communicated through style.

How can this notion be interpreted through eyewear?  Let your frames do the talking and find a pair which evoke independence, authority and decisiveness. Glasses are no longer associated with unfortunate geeky types with braces, but have become an accessory in their own right. More people are wearing them whether they need them or not just to get ‘that’ look.

Designer Sunglasses

1. Frame Size


Frames don’t have to be oversized to make a statement, especially for those with a smaller face shape. Opting for a thicker frame can make an equally powerful impression. A pair of strongly structured glasses connotate strong ideas and leadership, like these Carrera CA6187 frames.

2. Frame Colour


Bright florescent frames can look great in certain situations, but be careful when wearing them in the office. ‘Fun’ colours can give off a laid-back look, which is great in every day life. In the workplace, however, it’s better to go for subtle colourful frames instead, like these Gucci 3683 glasses for women; feminine yet fearless.

3. Frame Shape

Cat eye-Glasses

For women, a classy cat-eye frame speaks volumes. They evoke femininity,  professional poise and power. Paired with a perfectly pressed outfit to subtly emphasise silhouette without exaggerating on the shoulder pads will enhance presentation power. Try these Burberry BE2161Q to accessorize your outfit, or for something softer, these Lipstick DG3155 glasses from Dolce & Gabbana. For men, this angular FT5146 frame from Tom Ford is ideal for those who are calm, collected and in control.

More than just an accessory, eyewear has the power to influence our mood and the way others perceive us, but most of all; the confidence to rule 2015.

With SmartBuyGlasses, you can browse hundreds of frames to give you the power this year.

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