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Polarised. Sunglasses and Lenses.

Polarised. Sunglasses and Lenses.

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What are polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses are actually nothing new, they have long been used by fishermen to see clearly into the water, but now many brands offer their most-popular frames with Polarised Lenses (who knows though, the next big thing could be fisherman chic). Polarised Lenses basically elimate glare, light reflected on a surface, making our vision clearer. Glare can also be a hazard when driving in the sun. They’re here, they reduce glare, get used it!

How do Polarised Lenses Work?

Polarised Lenses are coated with molecules that block horizontal light. These molecules are vertically positioned meaning that any light that reaches the lenses in a horizontal direction is kept out, maintaining clear and comfortable vision. In addition, polarised lenses can also drastically improve the colours and contrasts we see when out in the sun. Traditional sunglass lenses only dim the field of vision, meaning the colours that we see are dimmer too. But because polarised lenses get rid of annoying glare, there’s no need to dim the field of vision.

Polarised lenses are actually pretty cool (bear with) because the application of them is how we see 3D. In 3D glasses, one side of the lens is polarised horizontally, the other vertically. Two films are shown at the same time, shot from slightly different angles, and the light that enters the lens creates that 3D effect. Plus polarisation can produce some badass effects (like this shot of polarised light on plastic).polarised light

At VisionDirect we carry a whole range of designer Polarised Sunglasses as well as offering polarised lenses with your prescription. Just remember, KEEP IT POLARISED.

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