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Plastic or Metal Frame Glasses?

Plastic or Metal Frame Glasses?

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Deciding between plastic or metal glasses is like choosing between chic or dive bar. Although both have their advantages, everyone has their personal choice on the matter.

Ray_Ban_RB5228_2000So choosing between plastic or metal can often down to a choice of lifestyle as well. Plastic frames come in a variety of geek chic flavors as numerous as colors of gum stuck underneath the bar stools (sorry for that image.) Additionally the wider frames can usually accommodate thicker lenses in case your prescription getting close to those double digits. Plastic frames can also come spring loaded in some brands, and of course if you’ve got a metal allergy, then plastic frames definitely your best bet.

Metal frames are often more sleek and come in many varieties as well. The frames are often more malleable with spring loaded hinges and adjustable nose pads. This makes metal frames a good choice for people that are sporty and want glasses that will stay no matter what. Metal frames also come in rimless & semi-rimless varieties for the really modern, minimalistic look.Adidas A625 6053 D

So metal or plastic is really up to your choice of lifestyle, or if your tastes are as varied as the seasons then get yourself one of each and be ready for any situation.

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