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#MyBestSight: Wearing Glasses is the New Black
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#MyBestSight: Wearing Glasses is the New Black

#MyBestSight: Wearing Glasses is the New Black

For many years, prescription glasses have been associated with nerds and bookworms and people used to think that – those who spent a lot of time studying and reading developed eyesight problems. Besides, according to a traditional stereotype, people who wear glasses are more intelligent, but less attractive.  Basically, the mere idea of having to wear that pair of black Wayfarer with a thick frame was pretty awful. Not only are the previous statements not true but, over the last ten years, the trend has completely changed; prescription glasses are now seen as a fashion accessory and those who wear them apparently look sexier (and yes, they are smarter too!).

They make you look attractive

You don’t need to be Beyoncé to have that touch of extra attractiveness that a good pair of frames can give you. And, at the same time, you don’t have to be Brad Pitt to look sexier. Choose a design that fits your face shape and valorises your eyes. Check this article to find the perfect pair for you.
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Brainy is the new sexy

Even though we have just debunked the myth that glasses are not “geeky” anymore, people who wear them are still likely to be perceived as diligent and hard-working. All of us used to have that one schoolmate with glasses who was approached by everyone for answers to homework questions. A girl could only dream that he looked similar to the hunk below. Credit: memegenerator.net
smart glasses

They protect your eyes

The last time a fly got in your eye was back in 1998. Well, this is one of the great advantages of wearing glasses. They protect you against small insects, dust and wind. Glasses are basically your protective shield!

They emphasise your dissent

When someone is talking to you and you don’t agree with what’s being said, you can clearly express your disappointment: glasses on the tip of your nose and eyes rolling. After this, you don’t need to add anything else.
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You look more confident

When you were younger you used to keep your glasses on during exams, as they gave you a feeling of confidence and made you look more prepared in front of teachers. Frames can indeed boost your confidence and people usually assume that opinions and decisions coming from glasses wearers are way more qualified. As such, you’ll come off as more confident as well as successful.
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Keep up with the latest fashion trends

There is more to a pair of glasses than giving you a clearer vision. You don’t have to stick to traditional shapes and colours; now you can experiment with shiny colours, new designs as well as different materials. Trends in eyewear change continuously but with a simple swap of the frames you can look fashion-forward in a blink of an eye.

Last but not least, people who wear glasses do not only look smarter but they are actually smarter! A recent scientific research showed that people who wear prescription spectacles compensate for their poor eyesight with higher intelligence and they are more likely to attend prestigious universities and graduate with better marks than glasses less people.  And, if you don’t need to use frames but you got an important interview or you just need to leave a good impression in a professional outfit, opt for a nice pair without prescription lenses.

Fake it ‘till you make it 😉


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