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Movember: The Mo Makes The Man
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Movember: The Mo Makes The Man

Movember: The Mo Makes The Man
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The Mo’ Makes The Man

When men are not hunting, chopping down trees for firewood, or fighting in wars, they must show their virility in other ways. Among the many forms of grooming, growing and maintaining a fine moustache is, if not one of the most ancient, certainly one of the most well-established and universally accepted.

A man without a moustache, it may be said, lacks one of the fundamental tenets of manhood. As long as that space between lip and nose remains hairless, he struggles to define himself, or rather, his self-worth. But once he has grown a fine set of whiskers, ah! He may discover that which makes him whole.

Take these four fine gentlemen as examples. Each was, in his own way, ambling upon the path of life without achieving his goals, failing to realize his true potential. All it took was a degree of dedication to his self-improvement, contained and expressed through his facial hair, and voila – a new man emerged. Yes! Let it be said, that nobody may deny: the mo’ makes the man. So who are these gallant young fellows?


For the longest time, James had been a work-shy sponge, taking advantage of peoples’ generosity, and not offering much in return. At work, at home, in his personal life, everywhere. It was always easier to avoid doing anything for himself, to ask for a handout, no matter how unreasonable or inconvenient it may be for anyone else.

That was, until, he let the hairs on his upper lip flourish into glory. With a new pair of glasses, he saw the truth before his eyes and took matters into his own hands. Now conscious of the value of time and hard work, his assertiveness and resolve made him a formidable financier.He went from borrowing here and there to lending large sums.


Endless days, weeks and months used to pass young Jason by, as he went through the motions, never daring to dream. He knew, deep down, that he was capable of so much more, but it could always wait until tomorrow. He was the one staying behind after every show to clean up the stage, living in the shadows, afraid of success.

Then a transformation began. By growing a moustache, combined with a fine pair of browline spectacles, he became a new man. No longer content to let life slip through his fingers, he took the horse by the reins and steered a new course. Inspired by his new charisma, his band finally took off, got a record deal and went on a nationwide tour.


A hamster on a running wheel, gradually slowing down. Barely putting in the minimum effort at work, students were skipping his class. Even if he was aware, Noah didn’t show much concern. Another thirty years of this and he could retire, retreat back into his shell and the whole world could forget he ever existed…

Or so it seemed. As he let the bristles blossom, Noah himself entered full bloom. He started to apply himself, swept up by a passion for lifelong learning. When he wasn’t writing, he was reading. People soon started to take notice. Before long he was publishing papers far and wide, building bridges between faculties, a luminary leader. Now he’s giving TED talks on the future of his field.


Lazy, disinterested, lackadaisical. Never doing anything because he was too busy doing nothing. That just about sums up the life of wee Logan, a perpetual man-child afraid to affront his own adulthood, wallowing in the echoes of lost youth. Milk and cookies. Watching cartoons. In his pajamas. All day.

When the first fibers of fuzz forced their way through his philtrum, Logan took on a new air. He walked taller, spoke clearer, reacted faster. He took up martial arts, got good at it, and started fighting competitively. With a spring in his step and a new-found sense of purpose, he became the champion that had always been lying dormant inside him.

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