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Lenses to Fix Color Blindness

Lenses to Fix Color Blindness

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10% of Men suffer from some form of color blindness or another. This is from a regressive genetic factor passed on through the X-chromosome and affects mostly males, but also approximately .5% of females.

This disheartening disability can keep people from performing their dream jobs like becoming a pilot or keep others from fully expressing themselves in fields of fashion and design. It can also pose more dangerous threats to your life like swallowing the wrong blue or red pill especially if offered by someone called Morpheus.

It can also be downright embarrassing or annoying at times when you get people with “normal” color vision that find out you have color deficiency who find it very amusing to ask “what color is my scarf/shirt or, what shade are my glasses?” while they enjoy in your ensuing agony as to try to guess as accurately as you possibly can.

There are now a few solutions out there that will allow people suffering from color deficiency to improve their livelihood but wearing color corrective lenses. Although there is not 100% way to “cure” color blindness these lenses work by using different shades for both eyes allowing the eyes to gather different information and diserning colors better.

Dr. Mark Changizi and his partner Tim Barber from 2AI Labs in Boston have developed glasses with specialized lenses. Dr. Thomas Azman has a series of contact lenses that accomplish a similar task sold under the ColorMax brand, while ChromaGen is a UK developed solution that is very popular online.

Would you wear this kind of eyewear to correct your color blindness? Take into consideration that the costs of a consultation along with a pair of glasses or contacts could be upword of A$1,000.

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