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Kids Sunglasses

Kids Sunglasses

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Picture from: Midwest vision

Picture from: Midwest vision

Since your kids probably get more sun than you do (uhm uhm) it’s paramount that they keep their eyes protected from those UV rays. Now you may not have the same sense of style that your kid does, or maybe you just want them to match your shades while you take them out? Here is a quick list of great sunglasses that we think your kids would love and would protect their eyes from the sun 100%.

Our top picks:

1)       Carrera Carrerino

2)       Ray-Ban Junior for girls, Ray-Ban Junior for boys

3)       Polar PL 531/S FOR KIDS Polarized

4)       Cebe KOALA 1981 JUNIOR

5)       Polaroid P02000

6)       Tommy Hilfiger for kids

7)       Ray-Ban Junior

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