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How to tell if sunglasses are polarized?

How to tell if sunglasses are polarized?

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The question of “How do I Tell If My Sunglasses Are Polarized?” is one that keeps coming up for people trying to figure out what sunglasses to buy. Some models promise the extra protection or vision quality that polarized lenses can bring.


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The thing is, how can we be sure that the sunglasses we bought are actually polarized? Well, there are a few ways to know, and we will share them with you here.

  1.  A Reflective Surface: look around your house, or around the stores at the mall for some sort of reflective surface. Something like a glass table, or a mirrored table. Position your sunnies so that they are facing the reflective surface in a way that you can see it directly through your sunglasses. If the glare from the reflective surface gets better, your sunglasses are polarized. If the glare gets worse, somebody didn’t get what he or she paid for.
  2. The Test Sticker: some brands of sunglasses come with a test sticker on the lenses. So when you first get them, make sure not to get rid of that sticker! The way the sticker works is that you hold the sunglasses on a 60-degree angle, and then check the sticker. If the sticker gets darker, you got a winner. If it stays the same, you probably got scammed.
  3. The Computer Test: position your sunglasses so that they are facing a computer screen (the screen has to be on, duh). Then, turn your sunglasses to a 60 degree angle. If the lenses turn black, you got yourself a pair of truly polarized sunnies. If not, I’m sorry, man.
  4. The 2 Pair Comparison: get two pairs of polarized sunglasses together both facing the same way. Then, rotate one to a 60 degree angle (yes, again). If the overlapping lenses get darker, this means that both pairs are polarized. If not, then one of them is not what it claims to be. #awkward

Hope this helps you figure out if your sunglasses are polarized or not!

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