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How to… find the right sunglasses size

How to… find the right sunglasses size

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Right Size

When browsing our wide range of sunglasses and glasses, you probably noticed that some of these items come in different sizes. Because no one wants to look like a bug-eyed alien, or big-headed, we created this illustration that shows the difference between for example the Moschino MO 625 and the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer.

It’s important to keep in mind glasses have four sizes to them: lens width, bridge, lens height and temple length. The lens height is the height of the glasses, and is usually standard. If not, we mentioned it on the product page. For the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer it’s 40 mm.

The most important measurements to find the right sunglasses are the lens width, the bridge and the temple length. To calculate the complete width of the front of the sunglasses you’d end up with f.e. 50mm (lens width)*22mm bridge, which amounts to 108 mm, not including end pieces of the temples. From then you can test if the sunglasses would be a good fit by holding up a ruler to your face, or you can check a previous pair of glasses.

If you were to do this test for the different sizes of the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer, you’d find sunglasses for people with a smaller face, medium face, and… erm large face.

The temple length is closely linked to the bridge and lens width, so you can be assured that if those are a good fit, the temple length will be so as well.

If you’re not up for doing math, you are free to try our 3D Try-On system. This offers you an online fitting room, which means you can test the pair of your choice and virtually find out what you’d looks like. Check it out here.


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    Thanks Steven. This is good stuff. I’m sure many people will find it helpful. Keep it up!

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    This is a great post, very informative.

  • Jenelle says:

    This is such important info for buying sunglasses online, I know I have heard friends say they are too scared to, or have bought some that turned out to be huge on them. Will definitely be sharing this one around. Great post Steven.
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