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Everyone’s favorite grumpy cat gets her own film!

Everyone’s favorite grumpy cat gets her own film!

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You’ve no doubt seen this cat , she’s been at the center of thousands of memes online in the last few months. Now this internet sensation is going get her cat-day on the big screen and 15 minutes of cat-fame.

Tardar Sauce, or Tard for short, is her real name according to her owner Tabatha Bundesen. Due to her permanently grumpy expression however, everyone only knows her as Grumpy Cat.

This whole persona made me think of the much-loved Garfield of my childhood and I’m rooting for that grumpy cat to make it to the big screen with a splash, even if those two don’t share the same gorgeous coat of orange and nocturnal habits.

According to Deadline.com this Garfield like film will purportedly start Jack Black and no other than Will Ferrell in the meowing role.  Todd Garner, the producer of the show even said that Tard will be given a speaking role! And if Grumpy’s lineup at the box office is as long as the one at BEA, where she bested Jim Carrey, I think she’ll be alright.


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