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Google Glasses – Just Have to Have them!

Google Glasses – Just Have to Have them!

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Some of the first sets of Google Glasses are already out and about on the heads of some Google employees and a few early programmers. For the mass populous the wait just seems to be unbearable for a product most hadn’t even heard about a few months ago.

In order to create this much buzz about a product, Google actually took a page out of Apple’s marketing book by creating a community and demand for the product, a sense of “I just have to have it” before the product is even released.

Only 1% of the total buzz for Glass was generated by the biggest names in online media like Mashable and Cnet posted by an internet media company NetBase, while 92% was through social media like Twitter. Google did well to get the public committed to the Glass project buy inviting regular users to be part of this exclusive community by 1) Becoming part of the community by joining them on Facebook & Twitter 2) Sharing why Glass would improve their daily lives, thereby making people want the glasses even more badly because they already envision themselves using it & finally 3) Pay a relatively large sum upfront to prove their commitment to being an innovator and “Glass explorer”.

The result is over 145K mentions of Google’s #IfIHadGlass hashtag that people needed to use to participate. Certainly a great start for an electrifying project, and lots of ideas for Google to go through to make it an even more exciting. For more articles on this topic and many others directly or indirectly related to eye-wear make sure to follow our blog and @Vision_Direct on Twitter.

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