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Glasses with interchangeable lenses

Glasses with interchangeable lenses

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What are interchangeable lenses: Sunglasses and eyeglasses that have special frames which let you either pop-out the lenses and pop-in alternates or use some other mechanism to allow you to change the color or type of lens easily and without damaging your frames.

These are most commonly found in sunglasses used for driving, sports, and superhero outfits like that in new Superman movie Man of Steel. Although their designs may vary, they usually come as a package deal bought together with the glasses.

Man of Steel w/t glasses

If you want fashionable sunglasses with lenses that can easily be swapped to match your outfits, then check out the Ray-Ban Aviator Flip Out or Caravan Flip out by Ray-Ban, both come with 3 different colored lenses. Alternatively you could check out the classic models by Porsche Design as well.

Ray Ban CaravanPorsche Design P8478 B

If you want more sporty choices in case you are running a marathon, playing some outdoor football or leading tall buildings in a single bound, make sure to check out the options interchangeable lenses models from like the Veer by Nike and Evil Eye by Adidas.

Nike VeerAdidas Evil Eye Pro

Make sure you check out the full selection available on VisionDirect.com.au , there are a lot more there than we can list here. As well as models specific for driving and and glare conditions.

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