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Funky reading glasses

Funky reading glasses

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This week we dove into our huge catalogue of eyeglasses in search of cool, different, and funky reading glasses for gals! Fashion trends as of late have been all about retro, toned-down frames that are extremely elegant, but lack that extra oomph more daring people need. If you like unconventional shapes, bright colors, and futuristic looks, then it’s safe to say you’ll like our picks of the week. The brands Carrera and IC! Berlin have some great options for those looking for funky reading glasses.


  1.  Ic! Berlin A0917: these glasses were made to attract attention. Can you see yourself walking down the streets wearing these? These reading glasses come with interchangeable frames, to change it up every few days.
  2. Carrera CA6165: we are in love with these tropical and bright frames. The colour scheme is extremely eye-catching and would look great on any complexion. Carrera has a few other colour choices for this model, so check them out!
  3. Ic! Berlin M3015 Blue Wave: this futuristic model is very rare, and has a great matte finish, making them polished in their funkiness. These would be a great fit for all techies out there.
  4. Carrera CA5501: these Carrera frames have a very classic shape, proven to fit all types of face shapes, yet their colour scheme is colour-blocking perfection.

For more funky reading glasses, or reading glasses in general, make sure to browse our collection at Vision Direct Australia for a while, and we’re sure you will find the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

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