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Get Ready to Find Your Match this Valentine’s Day!
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Get Ready to Find Your Match this Valentine’s Day!

Get Ready to Find Your Match this Valentine’s Day!

It’s the season of splurging-for-the-one-you-love (which could also be yourself — and that’s OK)!

I especially love that VisionDirect has this really cool campaign filled with products, perks and picks for Valentine’s Day.

‘Find Your Match’ is a fun and almost relatable feature that was surprisingly inspired by the Tinder app. The description reads: “Swipe right this Valentine’s, and find your match made in heaven. Don’t go lonely, there’s a pair of glasses out there made just for you and they’re waiting to come and sweep them off their feet.” In this case, the feet would be the arms of those perfectly crafted designer labelled sun OR eyeglasses.

Hopefully, your feelings towards this event (no matter the size of your wallet… or heart) are filled with a plethora of emotions which do not translate to: “Ugh, another cheesy Valentine’s Day Sale”. Also, each item has a personality of its own, so think of your glasses as a super accessory that says something about you or the person intending to wear them.



                                                                1. The Millennial


You get it. Life is actually not a box of chocolates, because what is life, really? If you’re not a millennial, then you’re probably an old soul. You understand the complexity of living things and demand that you spend your days getting exactly what you deserve before the world ends, with you in it. You’re a legend in the making with nothing to lose, which also explains your impressive air of confidence.



Shop Millennial

                                                                2.  The Undercover Agent

Look, mate, we’re not trying to mess with your vibe or anything but you seriously seem too cool to shop with us. We suspect there’s more to you than meets the eye. Do you lift weights or do cardio? We can’t really tell. This mysterious persona is really working for you and we suspect that you enjoy intimate dinners and listening to soundtracks of award-winning films. Just a wild a guess. As you were, soldier.


Shop Agent


3. The Adventurous One

You were an Amazonian warrior in your past life and your favourite colour is blue (like an avatar). You are a proud outdoorsman and sometimes prefer animals to people. It’s either that or you’re just a really fun-loving dad who dreams of building a Disney land for serious adults.


Shop Adventurous

                                                                 4.  The Academic

Okay, fine. You’re not all books and intellect, you do have a fun and playful side too. Like that one time when you watched Iron Man, X-Men and Spider-Man in one day and then proceeded to watch a bunch of films by DC Comics. That was fun! Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already written up a comparative essay on DC vs Marvel. You are a brilliant individual and we truly appreciate you.


Shop Academic

                                                                 5. The Enlightened One

Oh, you enigmatic being, you! Do you prefer food or chocolate? We seriously can’t tell. You are truly enlightened and organic. People often say that you come from a different time but what they really mean to say is that John Lennon would’ve chosen you as his muse because you honey have got the moves! You’re zen, easy-going and people love to be around you. Namaste, enlightened one, namaste!


Shop Enlightened

                                                                 6.  The Drama Queen

What’s the point of throwing a party if you won’t be there to roll your eyes at outfits that disappoint you? Your presence (and look) matters. You have that thing, and of course a flair for drama. I mean, what is the point of being extra if your shades don’t slide below your eyes when you stare at the person who dares to insult you? You, my dear, are a hit!



Shop Drama

                                                               7. The Undercover Celebrity

Sometimes wanting to look like a normal person is okay, even if it requires you wearing the simplest of outfits in order to slip on your favourite pair of sunglasses. Interestingly enough, your sunglasses somehow resemble you — elegant but understated, unknown but well-known.



Shop Celebrity

                                                                 8. The Utilitarian

You’re not the type to care about material things that cost actual money, but sometimes investing in a good pair of eyeglasses is the logical thing to do. Besides, practical people deserve nice practical things, too. Finally, we promise that you won’t be dragged into next year’s ‘Find Your Match’ because I’m sure you’ll have other important things to do. Next!


Shop Utilitarian

For more on what your shades say about you click here, OR post your proof of your eyewear personality below!

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