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How to look after your Eyeglasses: A guide to Eyeglasses care.

How to look after your Eyeglasses: A guide to Eyeglasses care.

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If you’ve just spent a heap of money on designer eyeglasses then you’ll want to take care of them in the best possible way. You can’t just wipe down your Ralph Lauren glasses with a rag or the corner of your shirt, and have them still looking shipshape in a year and a half. No, you’ll need to lift your game for eyeglasses care by including these easy tricks to keep your eyeglasses perfect for much longer. 

First, soak your eyeglasses overnight in a glass of water. The paint on the frames will protect the plastic or metal from rusting or peeling. If you soak them overnight, any grease or hard material stuck to the lenses can easily and without resistance, fall off. If you have tough stains, a bit of soap in the water should do the trick. You should only have to soak them once a month or so.

Second, blow dry the lenses and frames using either a hair dryer or a puff ball. Again, this step is only if you just soaked them or if there are large amounts of dust or sand on your lenses.

Third, wipe down the lenses with a lens cleaning cloth. If you purchased your eyeglasses through this site you should have received a free lens cleaning kit that contains the cloth you need.

Holding your glasses up to the light, check that everything looks clean and that there are no spots on your lenses. If they are clean, you have finished!

A big part of keeping your glasses looking good is preventing the damage in the first place. Make sure not to touch the lenses or wipe them down with anything other than the appropriate lens cloth. Some fabrics are abrasive and leave microscopic damage to the lens or scratch off the coatings over time.

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