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How to take care of your eyes during the winter season
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How to take care of your eyes during the winter season

How to take care of your eyes during the winter season

“Eyes are the mirror of the soul” – they say – so why wouldn’t you take care of them? Let’s be more practical and leave the soul in peace for a while; your eyes are beautiful in every shape and colour, they are your secret weapon, you can do magic with your eyes and therefore eye care has to be an essential part of your daily routine 😉

Winter season and cold weather can take a toll on your eyes if you do not protect them properly. Here you can find some useful tips to adopt for eye care during the cold months.

Aloe vera

Once you try aloe vera you won’t go back (no rhyme, sorry). This tropical plant is the solution to everything and while it is used after a sunburnt during the summer, it is great to restore and nourish your skin after a day in the mountains or just outdoor in the cold weather. Your eye area is extremely delicate and can easily become dry. Putting aloe vera cream around your eye will reduce dryness as well as hydrating the skin (and helping with early wrinkles too :P). Buy an organic cream to be sure all the ingredients are natural so that it won’t harm your eyes in case of contact.
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Our favourite one! Thank God we have plenty of sunny days in winter as well and I am sure that many of you reckon you don’t need to protect your eyes from the sun. Wrong! UVB rays hide everywhere! Have two or three pairs of glasses to match with your scarf, gloves and Ugg boots, but never save money when it comes to your health and avoid that 10-dollar pair of sunnies. Make sure you always buy glasses with complete protection against both UVA and UVB rays and who said you have to splurge? Visit our website to find the best deals and have stylish glasses with great ultraviolet protection!

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Ski Goggles

Whether you are a novice on the slopes or an expert skier, always wear your goggles to protect your eyes from glare and UV rays as well as increasing visibility in low-light conditions. Goggles are an essential part of your winter wardrobe when planning a weekend on the slopes and they can be stylish too! We have more than 120 models available in different colours perfect to match with you ski suits. Discover our huge selection of ski goggles with high quality at affordable prices here.

Eat for Your Eyes and Drink Water

It is not about carrots only!  There are many foods you can eat to keep your eyes healthy and the good news is that it is not only boring and plain veggies. In fact, during the winter you can enjoy the sweetness of tangerines, which are high in vitamin C contributing to healthy blood vessels in your eyes (winter tip: vitamin C keeps you safe from cold and flu!). Salmon and avocado are a tasty idea and they will provide you with omega 3 and healthy fats helping to prevent dry eyes. Dehydration is indeed a common problem during the winter and it can affect your vision as well. Drinking at least 2L of water every day can help with this, as well as providing fluid for normal eye function. Sweet tooth? Check our video on how to prepare this yummy blueberry smoothie packed with healthy and delicious ingredients!

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Eye Mask

I am sure the picture you have in mind right now is someone lying down with two huge cucumber slices on their eyes. No doubts it is a great remedy mask to give freshness to your eyes as well as reducing dark circles, but everyone knows about this one and we want you to try new ones!

  • Aloe Vera, Egg White & Carrot Mask: as mentioned before, aloe vera is great in winter as it calms redness and irritation. Egg white and carrots will soften the skin around your eyes. Just combine the three ingredients in a mixer, apply around your eyes and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water and your eyes will say thank you to you!
  • Green Tea, Potato & Sweet Almond Oil: Yes, sorry, potato slices will take the place of cucumber ones. Boil green tea, add a few drops of almond oil to it and soak the potato slices in the green tea. After putting it in the fridge for 5 minutes, apply the slices over your eyes for 20 minutes. Green tea is the perfect anti-oxidant and almond oil will nourish your eyelid after a day in the mountains. Potatoes contain a brightening agent so you will be ready to shine at night! 😉

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You can find more useful tips on how to take care of your eyes on our YouTube Channel here. Any questions? Just leave a comment below 😉



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