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Driving Glasses and Sunglasses

Driving Glasses and Sunglasses

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It seems like a fact of life that we’ll spend hours on the road, be it visiting relatives, going on road trips or stuck in traffic jams. Since you’ll be spending all that time in your car, you’re going to need some sunglasses or glasses that will make you look supercool. Plus, you’ll need them to make sure that you’re performing your best even after hours on the road. Take a look below to see our picks for which glasses and sunglasses can help you most when driving along in your automobile.

DaytimeDriving Glasses and Sunglasses

Driving Sunglasses

Driving in the daytime, it’s important to keep the sun out of your eyes but you’ll also want a pair of sunglasses that can keep glare out too. Glare can be pretty dangerous when driving as it makes it harder to see what’s up ahead. The best way to reduce glare is by wearing polarised sunglasses.

Polarised Driving Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses work by filtering out different types of light and they are especially good at filtering out low level sun reflection. Over the years, many brands have added polarised lenses to their frames meaning that you can look as cool as The Stig and drive just as well (just don’t try the stunts). At SmartBuyGlasses we can also put in polarised lenses that are your prescription. These Serengeti Empoli Polarised Sunglasses are the perfect mix of style and function making you king of the road.

Wraparound Sunglasses

The sun isn’t always going to be straight in front of you; it has ways of creeping in behind your sunglasses and causing strain and headaches. A way to stop the sun in its tracks is to wear a pair of wraparound sunglasses that will keep you covered from any angle. These Arnette Sunglasses offer great protection from the sun.

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are the ones you were amazed at as a kid, you know, the ones that start as normal glasses then magically become sunglasses. Glasses with this type of lens may seem like a practical solution for driving as they can see you from daytime to evening. The experts however say that this type of lens can be problematic when on the road. Photochromic, or transition lenses commonly react to UV light but the windows of your car try to block UV rays so there may issues with the lenses changing colour.

Arnette AN4077POL Rage XL - 41-81

Arnette Rage XL


NighttimeNight driving

Night driving glasses

Wearing sunglasses at night time may look badass and be the thing to do in action movies but unless you happen to be James Bond, it’s best to wear clear lenses. Experts say that any shading or tint on your glasses can impair your vision.

Anti-Reflective lenses

A good option for night time driving is glasses with an anti-reflective lens. These help to reduce glare from street lights and oncoming cars. Luckily VisionDirect offers prescription lenses with a clear anti-reflective coating. Phew!

Tinted Lenses

Maybe people believe that a yellow tint to the lens can help to further improve vision when driving at night. The misconception is that a yellow tint further reduces the effects of bright light; however, any tint can actually impair your vision in already limited light conditions.

The best driving glasses

This one is up to you. Find a pair that helps you to focus on the road and keeps your reactions fast, but most importantly, choose a pair that is comfortable. Given the sheer amount of traffic on the road, you’re probably going to be wearing these glasses a lot so you don’t want something that you can only wear for an hour at a time. The best glasses are the ones that you often forget you are wearing. Be safe my driving buddies and be sure to check out our range of Driving Eyewear and Prescription Glasses

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