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5 DIY Ideas for Organizing Sunglasses

5 DIY Ideas for Organizing Sunglasses

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If you are anything like us (and we know you are) you probably can’t help but keep accumulating awesome pairs of sunglasses. When this is the case, it can get tricky sometimes to find a place to put them where they won’t be harmed but can still be in display for you to look at everyday, and admire how pretty they are. And you know, you want to have all your options on display when trying to figure out which sunnies go best with your mood, or your outfit on a particular day! It’s a tough life being fabulous, we know, but we have some solutions for you.

We searched all around the web to find you 5 of the easiest and cheapest DIY ideas for organizing sunglasses. Check them out!

1. Just get a hanger.


This might be one of the easiest DIY projects in the history of the earth. All you need is a regular clothes hanger of your liking,  one of those stick-on hooks and maybe some cute detail to make it look more elaborate. There are so many variations of this project on the web, get creative with it! We would recommend using colored hangers that go with the color scheme of your room.

2. Framed Sunniessunglasses-frame fash-n-chips.com

Some sunglasses are a work of art, so they deserve to be framed as such! For this project you will only need a frame you have no use for at your house, or maybe one you could get at the dollar store. Some string or even ribbon to hang the sunglasses. Tie as many as you think you might need on the back of the frame. Make sure to tie them good though, you don’t want a sunglasses avalanche in the middle of the night! You can hang the frame on your wall, or put it on top of your dresser.

3. Framed Sunnies 2.0


If you are one of those who enjoys garage sales or flea markets, this might be the project for you. Look for a rusty frame or shelf type of device and repurpose it as a sunglasses display. The one in the pic uses chicken wire to hang the sunnies, but you can also go back to the string idea above and apply it here as well.

4. Use a platter or tray.

Display-Them-On-A-Mirrored-Tray-580x435 copy

This one is pretty fool-proof. Just go to the dollar store or some cheap home store and get a tray that you like. If you don’t like the colors and are feeling extra crafty, you can contemplate the idea of painting it yourself with some spray paint.

5. The Ultimate Accessories Display


All you will need for this one: a cork board piece of any size, some fabric of your liking to wrap the cork board, and some push pins. Use a stapler or some fabric glue to secure the fabric on the board. Use the pins to hang necklaces and to secure either a chain or a string to hang your sunglasses. Pretty cool right? 

What do you think? Will you try any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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