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Cycling Sunglasses – The Five Key Features
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Cycling Sunglasses – The Five Key Features

Cycling Sunglasses – The Five Key Features

So you’re going on a cycling tour, and you need a pair of sunglasses as cool as your bike. Lucky you! Cycling eyewear is well-known for brash colours and wild designs, but underneath the surface, they are loaded with high-tech functionality. Here are the key features to look for in sunglasses for cycling:

  1. Widescreen Coverage

That means lenses which cover the face from temple to temple, cheek to brow – keeping dust, wind and dirt out of your eyes. The semi-rimless, single lens look is a firm favourite among pro-cyclists, though there is also a trend for big, chunky frame rims too.

Widescreen coverage

  1. Impact Resistance

The days of glass lenses are long gone: polycarbonate lenses are 10 times stronger. Each brand has its own laboratories developing ever-tougher materials, so if a stone flies up or low-hanging branch appears out of nowhere, it won’t even leave a scratch.

Imapct resistance

  1. Polarized Lenses

When strong sunlight is reflected on flat surfaces, it creates glare, but overly dark lenses can dull our sight, creating more problems than they solve! Polarized lenses eliminate glare while maintaining your clarity of vision, no matter how glorious the sunshine.


  1. Ventilation

When the going gets tough it’s more important than ever that we can see clearly, so it’s vital that our lenses don’t steam up. One way around this are the ventilation holes you’ll find around the lens rim on some of the higher-end cycling sunglasses models. They ensure a continuous airflow behind the lens, and prevent fogging.


  1. Grip

Of course, all of these advances in cycling eyewear technology would be completely useless if the glasses didn’t actually stay on your face! Wrap-around rubber temples provide better grip and many models feature adjustable nose pieces to fix them even more securely.


Check out all of our sunglasses for cycling and remember… ride safe, and wear a helmet!

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