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Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween

Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween

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For many, Halloween brings back cherished memories of bobbing for apples or trick-or-treating, carving Jack-o’-lanterns and scattering windows and yards with cobwebs, skeletons and other spooky decorations. We can trace the festival’s roots back to Celtic tradition, but over time the ancient pagan celebration has become an important day in the calendar of christian cultures the world over. Now it is the short period of the year when nobody complains about having to eat pumpkin because the mountains of sweets make it all worthwhile.

Whatever your plans for Halloween, one thing is for sure: poking a few holes in a sheet and calling yourself a ghost isn’t going to cut it any more. In this age of cosplay and larping if you want to impress with your Halloween costume you need to bring your A-game. (Click to Tweet)

Look no further than your favourite celebrities and their Halloween costumes for inspiration. Every year, the rich and famous work to outdo each other with crazy and sometimes shocking outfits!

Halloween-crazy-contact-lenses   Halloween-crazy-contact-lensesHalloween-crazy-contact-lenses

Note how they all had a secret weapon: contact lenses. Whether it is the finishing touch on an already breathtaking costume, or a quick and effective way to catch your friends off guard, some colourful contact lenses are a must-have for your Halloween party this year! Luckily we have you covered! Our selection of crazy contact lenses is huge, ranging from seriously scary to downright silly. Below you’ll find a few of our top picks, depending on what angle you’re going for this Halloween, and a little instructional video for those who need it!



If the lights go out a bit prematurely, prepare to be the centre of attention with the Glow White contacts. As you might guess, these lenses come alive when the lights die down, prepare for oohs and ahhs from the darkness around you as you light up the dancefloor with more than just your moves.




Blackhole Sun

Make sure that Soundgarden is on the playlist for the party when you put on the Blackhole Sun contacts. Your friends will be mesmerised by the burning holes where they thought your eyes were. Added bonus on a stormy night, giving you a chance to wash away the rain.







No longer reserved to Irish eyes, now anyone’s eyes can smile with the Smiley contacts. Everywhere you go you’ll be greeted with a big grin, while you give at least 2 back, the third, the one on your own mouth, is optional but recommended.





Cross Eyed


Despite offering no advantage to your sight, you can keep the paranoia at bay by making people think you can see everywhere with the Cross Eyed lenses. At the very least you’ll give them a headache trying to work out which one to look at!





Black Titan


The Black Titan lenses aren’t very funny, they’re actually really unnerving. Your friends will not know how to react when they see that your eye is swallowed up by a big black pupil. If you’re dressing as something undead or infected, these are the ones that you want, just don’t blame us if everyone recoils in horror when you approach.





Stress out all the little wizards and witches this Halloween with the Voldemort contacts. If kids start grabbing at their forehead scars as you come near, you know that you’re doing it right. Warning: Pure bloods only, these contacts are not to be worn by any filthy Mudbloods.






Confirm what everyone already knew with the Lunatic lenses. These will make your ‘deranged serial killer’ outfit so convincing that you had better make sure to have prepared story to explain your way out of any run-ins with police, so that you don’t end up on the news.




Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, have a great time! If you are lucky enough to be going to a party, we hope that it is memorable for all the right reasons and that we have helped you with a costume choice. One word of advice though, maybe don’t go as a clown this year. Happy Halloween!


Your eyes are very precious. Decorative contact lenses look great and are great fun for Halloween and many other costumes or looks, but you should always be extremely careful when dealing with them. Contact lenses are of course safe to wear and used by people everyday, but for people unaccustomed to wearing them, there are real risks of infection and serious damage if you do not take the necessary precautions. Make sure that you have spoken with a medical professional before you apply any contact lenses, and it is strongly recommended that you have a prescription.

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