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Cleaning your designer eyewear

Cleaning your designer eyewear

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You spent big money getting your designer sunglasses, so keep them in tip-top shape with these easy cleaning and maintenance tips. Whether they are fashionable shades or sultry Alexander McQueens you’ll be able to extend their life of your designer eyeglasses.

Tip 1: Never use your sleeve. If you get gunk on your lenses don’t wipe them with whatever cloth fabric you have on or around you. This can cause grit and small particles to get wiped into your lenses, resulting in micro scratches that add up over time to damage to your lenses that effect your vision.

Tip 2: Soak your eyeglasses in soapy water overnight. This releases oil and grime so that you really get cleaner lenses without damaging them. Ever notice how the carwash soaks your car before touching it with any cloth? This is to knock off the grit before wiping it into the car, ruining the finish.

Tip 3: Use microfiber towels and lens cleaner. Some retail outlets give cleaner and wipes with your purchase. Smartbuyglasses is one such online retailer. These kits really do help protect the longevity of your eyewear.

Tip 4: Store your eyeglasses and sunglasses in appropriate eyewear cases. Nothing damages your glasses faster than having them banging around in your purse or loose in your car. Get a case you like and get in the habit of protecting your eyewear by storing it appropriately.

Tip 5: If you buy eyewear you love, you’ll take better care of them. This seems obvious but many people cut corners with their eyewear and then don’t take care of the purchase because they aren’t crazy about how they look in them. Spend your money wisely and even spend more if you have to get the look you’ll love and protect.

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