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Cheryl Cole Sunglasses

Cheryl Cole Sunglasses

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Part time celebrity Cheryl Cole has made a relative impact in Australia (surely you remember the hit Call My Name), well after a failed attempt at cracking America where she was deemed too difficult to understand, she disappeared for a little bit. Now she’s back and better than ever reprising her role as as judge on the UK X Factor along side Simon Cowell and Aussie favourite Mel B (and here you thought she’d disappeared forever). Well believe it or not, little miss Cheryl is somewhat of a fashion star in her native UK and I’m pretty sure that her style is sure to spread. As she moves away from her once tragic dress sense and blossoms into a designer loving dream.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Style

Cheryl (or Chezza as the Brits love to say) has really grown up from the girl who appeared over ten years ago on Pop Stars: The Rivals. Part of the winning group Girl Aloud, no one was ever putting their money on her to be the breakout star but it just goes to show what a little dental work and clever dressing will do.  Her fashion game has really improved over the years and she’s pretty much at the top of the UK fashion ladder.  Her style always seems to evolve and so getting that signature look can be a little tricky. She has a flair for the dramatic, that’s for sure, her dresses on the X-Factor are always a little more couture than high-street but one things for certain. Her hair and her make-up will be flawless.

Cheryl Cole Sunglasses

Cheryl has a quantified sunglasses addiction that sees her leaving the house in a pair of different sunglasses every day. She sensibly sticks to flattering frames and colours, occasionally shocking everyone with a bold choice. It’s not hard for her as she has been blessed with an oval shaped face that can naturally pull off a whole range of different styles. Be sure to follow some simple rules for recreating her look though: flawless hair, make-up and nails will really finish off any look. Don’t forget to head over to the VisionDirect Website to shop like a celebrity and check out our new trends page to make sure that you’re just as cool as your favourite celeb.

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