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Best transition lenses

Best transition lenses

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Not only does Vision Direct offer sunglasses, but we also have the best transition lenses you could ever wish for. Even though we already offer  prescription on your favorite pair of sunglasses, we know some people like to be more practical. You know, all that hassle of having to change from your prescription glasses to your prescription sunglasses when going outside, or getting in and out of the car… I mean, ain’t nobody got time for that!


That’s where transition lenses come in, to satisfy those time-pressed souls, who wish only to automate as many processes as they can in their daily routines. Transition lenses, or photochromic lenses, are specially treated lenses that automatically darken when exposed to a specific type of light. You know what kind of light we are talking about here right? Yes, UV radiation from the sun. Once you are no longer exposed to these dreadful rays, the lenses go back to their normal clear state as prescription lenses. What kind of sorcery is this? Technology, man. It’s technology.

So if you feel like you would benefit from transition lenses, you have come to the right place. Vision Direct lets you choose from its huge catalog of frames and then they add your prescription and transition lenses to them! Oh, the convenience. Make sure to check them out!

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