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Best progressive lenses

Best progressive lenses

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Remember how you used to see your grandma peeking over her glasses to read something, and you were like “wait, what are you wearing glasses for then?” Well those days are long gone now because now we have progressive lenses. They are usually made for those suffering from presbyopia, which is a condition that takes away your ability to focus on near objects. The best progressive lenses give you an amazing bifocal vision, without having to look like you’re wearing your grandma’s glasses. Guess what? We have the best progressive lenses in Australia.


With your progressive lenses, you will be able to have a much better range of vision and focus on both near and far objects. No need to change pairs of glasses depending on the situation; you can get both with the progressive lenses. It will give a more organic look on the world around you.

You can choose from one of our thousands of frames on offer to put your progressive lenses on, which gives you so much freedom to choose exactly the pair of glasses that fit you best. There’s nothing better than that feeling of getting HD vision on your eyes via a killer pair of frames.

Get the best quality of progressive lenses here in Vision Direct and forget about having to squint your eyes to read the morning paper!

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