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Best polarized sunglasses

Best polarized sunglasses

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Back in the day, polarized lenses came only in styles targeted to fishermen and sea lovers. Nothing wrong with that but, what about the everyday people who wanted more versatile options for their polarized sunglasses? They could never find those perfect polarized shades that could take care of their vision and look stylish at the same time.  It was always difficult to find the best polarized sunglasses to fit their style. Thankfully, those times are long gone. Nowadays many brands offer very stylish polarized sunglasses for those people with sensitive vision, glare-allergic, and an inclination for looking fab.


That´s why we have chosen the best polarized sunglasses for this season, to fit all kinds of styles. From sporty to classic, any of these four styles will give you the anti-glare protection, color enhancing, and reduced reflection your vision needs, plus that extra something you need to complete your look.

  1.  Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 Large Polarized sunglasses: This one is a classic. It is almost impossible not to look hot with a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. Regardless of your personal style, these sunnies will complement your outfit, and give you that air of confidence you crave. We offer them in many different styles, including the one with polarized lenses.
  2. Persol PO0714 Folding Polarized: Another popular model that survived the decades. This one has been a style icon for so many years, that there is no denying the amount of swag it exudes. This pair of Persol sunglasses has a folding feature in addition to the polarized lenses, which pretty much makes it the ultimate pair of sunnies: convenient, protective and stylish.
  3. Carrera Champion Folding Polarized: This pair of polarized Carrera sunglasses is the perfect choice for those with a more sporty/urban sense of style.
  4. Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Polarized sunglasses: Of course everyone´s favorite sunglasses style from the Ray-Ban brand had to come in polarized lenses. The all-time best seller is so versatile; it fits any type of style.

These are only 4 of our favorite styles for polarized sunglasses, but you can find many more at VisionDirect Australia.

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