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Best motorcycle sunglasses

Best motorcycle sunglasses

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Riding a bike is no joke. When you’re out there on the road, the smallest mistake could land you in the hospital. It’s no wonder you want the best quality of vision and protection against glare and UV rays. You’re in luck, because at Vision Direct we carry two of the most beloved sunglasses brands among motorcycle riders: Arnette and Spy. We have chosen our favorite models from these brands to give you an idea of which sunglasses you could get. When you’re riding, you’ll need sunglasses that are comfortable, breathable, and that can make you stand out when riding in groups.


  1.  Arnette AN4181 Roboto: This is a badass pair of sunglasses, with a nice pair of yellow lenses that helps balance out the light when you’re out riding on a sunny day. The design of the frames has a very masculine vibe as well as sporty look.
  2. Spy SCREW (Spy + Matthew Busche): This pair of sunglasses will definitely make you stand out. This bright colored design has a very comfortable feel and wide range of protection. This one is from the line designed in collaboration with USA Cycling Pro, Matthew Busche, so you know it was made for the road.
  3. Arnette AN4168 Big Deal: This model from Arnette has a very classic sporty look, but the mirrored lenses give it a modern touch. It has great range of coverage and it gives a really comfortable fit.
  4. Spy DAFT: This pair of sunglasses is something else. They have a really cool futuristic look to them while still providing the extreme comfort and fit that Spy sunglasses are known for.

We hoped you liked our choices for you, but if not you can always check out our huge collection of sports sunglasses at Vision Direct Australia.

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