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Best computer glasses

Best computer glasses

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I recently found myself squinting and rubbing my eyes more and more while staring at the computer screen, so I decided to look into the best computer glasses.  For those of you out there that also spend a great deal of time in an office with incandescent lighting staring at a computer screen several hours a day this is also an key read.


Several brands exist out there that claim they will reduce “Digital Eye Fatigue.” They do this by reducing the glare from the screen itself and other light sources that reflect of the screen. Normally your eyes would take this strain but now the glasses will reduce this glare.


f03d4b2c-60ff-44eb-ac5e-701b16c68c13Another key piece of science behind these glasses is the tint, usually in the unique yellowish orange color found in this category of glasses. The tinted glasses actually help to increase contrast which makes reading text on screen much less straining on the eyes.

There are many different price points for these anti-glare and tinted glasses. Some eyewear retailers will even throw in a free anti-reflective coating when you purchase prescription eyewear and premium lenses. The cost for tinted lenses will usually depend on the type of lens, whether it is single/bifocal, transition or polarized lens, but start for as little as $27.

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I ended up getting a midrange pair of frames with the “fashion-plano” lens treated with anti-glare lens, tinted in “shadow orange.” I have to say I did like the feel of the glasses and the lens color was quite soothing. After a whole day at the computer I did notice less strain and rubbing of the eyes but some new comments on looking pretty dorky, of course your experience may vary. The important thing to remember is that if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it. Glasses get smudged and the rims reduce peripheral vision when you need it the most, like when your boss/wife makes a sneak attack from the side. If you feel eyestrain or fatigue though, then by all means try computer glasses for yourself.

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