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Beach Wear & Eye Care

Beach Wear & Eye Care

It’s that time of year again- pack up the coolers, grab the tunes and head for the sun! There are only so many hours in the day to get that perfect tan and splash in the waves. But wait, did you forget something?

One of the worst mistakes beach-goers can make is neglecting to wear appropriate sunglasses in the bright sun. Why is this important? Because when you are swimming in the water or relaxing on the sand reading a book, your eyes are being exposed to harmful rays and blinding glare. These harmful rays are also known as forms of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

What is UV radiation?

UV radiation is a form of invisible, electromagnetic radiation that is generated by the sun. There are three kinds of UV radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. Actually, UV radiation is healthy for the body in small doses. However, if we are exposed to this kind of radiation for too long, it can cause serious harm to our bodies. Sunburns are an obvious sign that you have exposed yourself to UV radiation a little too long but did you know that your eye tissue can be damaged as well?

UV rays radiate from the sun and bounce off of Earth’s surfaces, such as the ocean water and sand, and penetrate directly into your eyes. This is dangerous because if your eyes are exposed to UV radiation for prolonged periods of time, your eye tissue can be destroyed. This is why you should always be prepared for beach fun with sunglasses that are polarised for ultimate eye protection.

Polarised Sunglasses

Wearing polarised sunglasses is the best way to protect your eyes from these harmful UV rays. Polarised lenses contain a filter that only allows vertically oriented light to pass through. This filter blocks the horizontally oriented light that is reflected off of Earth’s surfaces and penetrates directly into your eyes. Not only do polarised sunglasses protect your eyes, but they also eliminate glare and provide a higher overall eye comfort level even during the sunniest of days.

To make sure that your eyes have the best protection this summer, check out our polarised sunglasses collection to find the pair you need. You can find polarised lenses with all of the most popular brands such as Ray-Ban®, Tom Ford, Oakley and more. With our selection, it’s a breeze to stay both safe and stylish this summer!

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